5 Reasons Why You Should Take Nap Everyday

There are few reasons which say that taking nap is quite important every day.

  • A Nap Restores Alertness

When it comes to afternoon, the energy starts to become low. The feeling becomes sleepy and lousy. It happens to every person and most of us do that. To take a quick nap is necessary to bring the speed back. According to National Sleep Foundation, a short nap should be taken of thirty minutes at least. It improves the mental disorders and the performance of the person. It also makes them alert. Drinking coffee can increase the benefit.

  • A Nap Prevents Burnout

If you take a nap in between a day, you will feel yourself free of burnout, stress and frustration. To take a nap is like you do a system reboots and it becomes helpful for you to do that. It gives a fresh start to your day. The people who take daily nap feel more relaxed and their cognitive functions in a better way. Thirty minutes of a day can make whole day of you a great one.

  • A Nap Heightens Sensory Perception

According to the author of Take Nap, Change of Your Life, Dr. Sara C. Med nick, the sensitivity of light, taste, sight and hearing can be restored.

It also improves your thinking and also relaxes your mind. It allows you to form associations in it. You become able to make new relations and connections. The research of City University of New York, they were of the view that nappers are at the edge.

  • A Nap Reduces The risk of Heart Disease

When you take a nap and feel relax for some time, your heart rests and many of the diseases get lost. There are about 37 percent people who die with heart attack. The ratio of working men is 64 by 100. They also have the same issues.

  • A Nap Makes You More Productive

By taking a nap, you can become more productive and active because it makes your mind calm and fresh and you feel good with it. Your sense of understanding increases because of the fresh mind and soul so it is important to take a nap in the mid of the day so that the remaining day may become healthy and time may pass quickly with the work you are doing.

5 Morning Rituals Happy Healthy People Do Every Day

Here are 5 rituals which are set for the energetic, incorporate and happy morning in your daily life.

  • Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an effective remedy which is used to keep in mouth to improve the systemic health and oral health. It also includes a benefit in few conditions like migraines, acne, asthma, mellitus, and diabetes, whitening teeth and headache as well.

All that has to be done is to take a tablespoon of coconut oil or cold pressed sesame in mouth and keep it in mouth for few minutes and then brush teeth. It can decrease or remove the pain from teeth.

According to the research, it has been concluded that it also makes gums and teeth healthy and teeth are quite important for the smiley faces.

  • Warm Lemon Water

Lemon is quite important natural ingredients which helps a lot in the fitness of the body. It is good for skin and also for the body. It contains ingredients that help in the digestion process. It gives glow to the skin and stimulates the liver. It also burns fats and promotes the elimination system healthy. It fills the body with Vitamin C and provides it an anti – oxidant to help the detox process. It neutralizes the radicals and boosts the immune system.

If it is taken regularly then it make wonders to your skin and gives a glow to the skin as it contains vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Jump

Lymphatic system is included in the circulatory system and it makes the network of lymphatic vessels and carries a fluid named as lymph. This fluid is important for the recycling of blood plasma. It also plays an important role in to remove toxins from body. It is not a pumping organ. It plays a purification role in the body.

To do 50 jumps a day can improve the health and also it can also keep you fresh. To do jogging, dancing and aerobics is a nice way to exercise this.

  • Classical Music

Listening to music is a good way to reduce your stress as it is important for health and recent studies show that it improves the thinking and mental capacity of the body. It also sets creative day and a positive one. This is also known as the Mozart Effect. The researches show that the music is a smarter way to think and it also raises your IQ.

The best way is to set an alarm for your routine and listen to music when you are in bed or waking up.

  • Move

Exercise is no doubt very beneficial for you to do to grow your health and make you physically active. It increases the longevity and productivity of the mind. The exercise is very important to do on regular basis. It is an important thing to find an exercise and do it regularly so that you may remain active and fresh. There can be many types pf exercises that you can do like there are different activities to do. Cycling, swimming, tennis and hiking are the activities that a person can do to remain active all the time.

When you do any exercise then you sweat and it increases your metabolism rate and you lose fats from your body.